Part D: Table of Contents

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We have a special Medicare Part D Appeals Unit to help elderly and disabled Maine residents with Medicare Part D. There is no cost for this help.

If you live in Maine and have Medicare, but you cannot get your medicine or are paying too much for it, or are just confused, call the Medicare Part D Unit, toll-free, at:

Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to Noon, and 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

We will help you by phone. You also may be able to find some answers to some of your questions below.

Are you a Provider? Go here: Part D - For Medicare Providers

On January 1, 2006, Medicare benefits expanded into the world of prescription drug coverage. Medicare Part D is highly technical and complex. We've designed this website to help you better understand how to make Part D work for you.

Getting Started - the Basics

What is Medicare prescription drug coverage?

Who is eligible for Part D coverage?

If I have Medicaid (MaineCare) and Medicare, do I need Part D coverage?

What if I already have prescription drug coverage from another source?

Where do I go for help with Part D?

What Part D Plans are available in Maine?

About Enrolling

How do I enroll for Part D coverage?

Is there a deadline to enroll for Part D coverage?

Costs and Coverage

How much does Part D coverage cost?

Will Part D pay for all of my prescriptions?

What if I can't afford Part D coverage?

Problems with Getting Drugs under Your Plan?

My Part D plan denied coverage of my drug. How do I find out why I was denied coverage?

What if my Part D plan denied my doctor's request for a Coverage Determination for my drug and determined that my drug was not medically necessary?

What if my drug is not on my Part D plan's formulary?

What if I can't get my drug because my doctor did not obtain prior authorization from my Part D plan?

What if my doctor prescribed a dosage that is not covered by my Part D plan?

What if my doctor prescribed a form (liquid versus pill), or type (generic versus brand) of drug, that is not covered by my Part D plan?

Other common problems / changing plans

What if I can't afford my drug?

What if my Part D plan removes my drug from its formulary?

Can I get my prescription filled at a pharmacy that is not within my Part D plan's network?

What if my drug is not covered by Part D?

Can I change Plans?