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What if I can't afford my drug?

If you have limited income, you may qualify for "extra help" with the cost of your drug.

NOTE: In order to receive "extra help," you MUST APPLY for it, UNLESS you are already enrolled in:
  • Medicare and Medicaid (MaineCare), OR
  • Medicare and one of the three Medicare Savings Programs, also known as QMB, SLMB, or QI, OR
  • Medicare and SSI

For more information, or to apply for "extra help":

Get more details on who is eligible for "extra help" through the Medicare Savings Program.

If you do not qualify for "extra help," contact your doctor or LSE's Medicare Part D Appeals Unit (1-877-774-7772).

Explain to your doctor that you cannot afford your drug. Find out whether your doctor will prescribe a substitute drug that you can afford.

If your doctor believes that you must have the prescribed drug, and not one of the cheaper drugs that your Medicare Part D Plan covers, then contact LSE's Medicare Part D Appeals Unit and we will help your doctor request an "Exception" from your Medicare Part D Plan.