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A variety of scams and medical identity theft occur every day in this country.  To learn more about these scams and how you can protect yourself and Medicare, check out the following websites: 

The U.S. Senate Special Committee on Aging, chaired by Maine Senator Susan Collins, has issued a fraud report, identifying the top 10 scams targeting the Nation’s seniors.  The report can be found at Fraud Book Final.pdf.

The Federal government’s Stop Medicare Fraud website provides information on common scams and identity theft, including on-line reporting:

The SMP National Resource Center provides the latest information on scams throughout the United States, as well as tips for protecting yourself against fraud and scams:

The Federal Trade Commission provides information on a variety of scams, how you can protect yourself and where to report scams if you become a victim:

Genetic Testing Scam:  If you are approached by someone who offers "free" genetic testing or cancer screening, turn it down.  This is not a free test and needs to be ordered by your primary physician if medically necessary.  For more information, please read the attached fact sheet

The AARP Fraud Watch Network provides access to information about how to protect yourself and your family from scams.  Check them out at