Planning for the Future

This chapter will explain some steps you can take to plan for old age and death. Planning ahead can ease your mind and protect your interests. Good planning may also help guide your loved ones if they need to make difficult decisions for you in the future.

This chapter will discuss some of the steps you can take, including:

  1. Indicating where you want your money, house and other things to go after you die by creating a Will.
  2. Notifying people of your choices for medical care in case you become very ill and are unable to make your wishes known by creating a Health Care Advance Directive.
  3. Naming someone you trust to make financial decisions and handle your money and assets or property for you by creating a Power of Attorney.

This chapter also discusses two things that a court might do if you can no longer take care of yourself or your property and you have not named an agent in a Power of Attorney (or Health Care Advance Directive). In that situation, a court might name a Guardian or Conservator to protect your interests. Finally, this chapter will discuss your options for planning your funeral.